Posted by: Leslie Chai | October 25, 2008





  1. 呵呵,你到底想test什麽呢?

  2. ya lor, why test 5times?

  3. laoda testing check whether you all can get email notication or nt…
    cause many time ady when laoda update his blog but we all dont receive email notification…
    so this is testing to check how many of us get email notification on this lo~

  4. 可立兄…设么事哦?

  5. Oh, i see! But i didnt get email notification… i just check this blog time by time…;p

  6. test什么呢?嘻嘻!

  7. 哦,我有時有收到email
    但我是在google reader那邊subcribe了
    所以每個update都能看見 ^^

  8. hmm..what are u testing?hahahaa

  9. Did u all receive Leslie’s Blog update’s email notification? How many times you receive?
    cos the email notification is missing intermittently

  10. 好久没上来了。。。

  11. Is it Leslie text us receive his blog notification e-mail or not??

  12. 是不是老大要给我们test一些小玩意,

  13. 哇你你你,你是哪个蔡可力!

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